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Sunroad Centrum I

The front of the Sunroad Centrum buildings

Class A Office Building

Sunroad Centrum, the iconic 11 story, 275,000 square foot building, in the center of San Diego is recognized for its stunning architecture. Sunroad Centrum I features a metal, glass, and stone exterior capped by a dramatic swooping rooftop design element. Rough-cut stone combines with interweaving metal detail to provide a strong foundation and create exterior visual synergy. Centrum I was the first speculative Class A building in San Diego to achieve the coveted LEED certification by meeting all six categories which include site selection, water efficiency, energy savings, indoor environmental quality, delighting and wood materials and finishes.

A key landmark for Sunroad Centrum I is the magnificent 45-foot-tall sculpture by Leonardo Nierman, a world-renowned artist who was commissioned specifically for this site. This sculpture is a tribute to the unique combination of beauty, creativity, design and architecture that can be achieved when a project is conceived with all elements in balance,” Nierman said. “It is a testament to Sunroad Enterprises’ commitment to public art and a perfect complement to the adjacent flowing water feature.”

Sunroad Centrum is a one-of-a-kind project in a one-of-a-kind location, and its success is demonstrated by top tier tenant selection as the destination for their current and future growth.

Sunroad Centrum I

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