Sunroad Enterprises

Sunroad Centrum

Sunroad Enterprises is a diversified and experienced holding company. Founded in 1977 by Aaron Feldman in San Diego, Sunroad consists of two distinct divisions: Real Estate and Automotive.

The company’s focus lies in identifying and developing projects. It utilizes its developmental and operational skills, as well as its financial expertise, to optimize its various projects. Its success comes from the ability to develop and cultivate endeavors from inception to conclusion, and to identify, purchase, and effectively grow selected enterprises in accordance with its strategic focus.

Since its inception, Sunroad Enterprises has been involved in successful projects in California, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Nevada, and Mexico. Sunroad Enterprises is one of the largest minority owned businesses in San Diego, and has earned numerous quality commendations from local, regional and national organizations.

Sunroad Enterprises offers the resources and strength of a substantial organization, as well as the entrepreneurial flexibility and agility necessary to operate in today’s marketplace.