An aerial photograph of the Vive on the Park building

Sunroad multifamily

Sunroad Multifamily was founded in 2009 with the purchase of 250 acres intended to design and develop a multi-phase master plan dubbed Centrum. Sunroad Multifamily broke ground on the first site in 2012. This 253-unit property was our introduction to the world of multifamily residential ownership. In the 15 years since its initial formation, Sunroad Multifamily has continued to foster our passion for the communities and residents we serve. 

With our world-class amenities and unique interior designs, Sunroad Multifamily strives to provide an exceptional living experience for each of our residents. We continue to set ourselves apart in each submarket. Our commitment to excellence and long-term ownership philosophy allows us to make meaningful investments in our residential multifamily apartment properties. 

At Sunroad Multifamily, our focus on leasing services and retaining residents ensures a value-added living experience for all tenants. Sunroad Multifamily acquires, renovates, and includes the country’s most resident-centric property management goals and partner firms, frequently bringing a global reach with a significant local leasing presence.

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